Posted February 23, 2014 12:25 PM
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Boeheim Goes Ballistic

The suspenseful Duke-Syracuse ACC rematch came to a screeching halt Saturday when referees erroneously charged ‘Cuse forward C.J. Fair with a charging violation on what would have been a game-tying lay-up with 10 seconds left. Orange coach Jim Boeheim then ran to center court where he demonstrated that, even at age 69, his histrionics still rank tops in the NCAA. Boeheim got T’d up twice and tossed, sending Duke to the line, ending the game.

Now, the best part: People got really, really creative with that Boeheim meltdown, which makes for a superb GIF but even better fodder for someone who knows his way around Photoshop. To be sure: I’m not laughing at him. I’m a Syracuse guy and this is part of why Orange faithful love him (besides being one of the most successful head coaches ever): He really cares.

A few more college hoops notes: Watch Kansas’s Wayne Selden go bonkers after teammate Tarik Black posterized a Texas defender … Fan was booted from Villanova-St. John’s game for allegedly throwing pizza at an usher … Here’s some really creative defense by Cincinnati’s Titus Rubles … Solid pelvic thrusts by Wright State fan dressed in nothing but green, a bow tie, and chrome-painted underwear.

The Sochi Bear is Merciless

Unwilling to let the disappointed U.S. Men’s Hockey Team go quietly into the night after a thrashing by Finland, the hideous Nightmare Bear cruelly leered over their bench. And as for the outcome of that “Loser Keeps Bieber” gag — the billboard has been updated to reflect the U.S.’s sorrow.

Rousey Cooks Liver for Dinner

In UFC 170′s headliner Saturday night, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey needed only 66 seconds and zero arm bars to defend her title against challenger Sara McMann. Here’s Rousey’s liver shot that ended the bout. It’s a good thing the liver regenerates.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Let’s keep the Olympic spirit alive and say hello to Polish model Justyna Gradek. There’s a small sample in the mini gallery above but many more available here, here, and here.

As If You Needed Another Reason to Dislike Chris Christie

The embattled New Jersey governor (and a few others) failed to pony up fantasy football dues owed to “Rock of Ages” actor Constantine MaroulisGovernor, it’s one thing to exact personal revenge by shutting down the George Washington Bridge, but this is a whole new low.

From Worse to Worser

The Knicks became unwatchable circa November yet they find new ways to sink lower all the time. The baller formerly known as Ron Artest is likely peacing out of town via a buyout, prompting his brother to rip the organization in an entertaining Twitter rant. There’s more: Tyson Chandler threw down a reverse-dunk oop, which bounced out of the basket after hitting his own head. What do you think about all this, Carmelo? Yes, that’s about right.

Johnny Football’s 40 Yard Dash Versus Colin Kaepernick’s  

Watch a cool video showing Manziel‘s 4.56 compared to Kaepernick‘s 4.53 in 2011.

Odds & Ends

Sochi closing ceremony pokes fun at rings malfunction from opening ceremony … Scary bobsled crash… Coach ‘Sheed gets just a little bit excited about Andre Drummond dunk … Read a photo filled recap from the SI Swimsuit volleyball game Justin Verlander with a peck on the cheek for Kate Upton … Free runner Damien Walters nails a loop-the-loop … Check out these incredible ski jump photos from 1964.

Don’t Do This

Rarely does a National Anthem variation work. Rarely will you witness an interpretation as bad as this.  [Deadspin]

Head Coach in a Little Coat

Boeheim’s jacket routine reminded me of this.

Coach Videobombed by Boys Being Boys

Nicely done, kids. [Next Impulse Sports]

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If Boeheim really cared so much he wouldn't have lost his temper.  The way I saw the charge call was that it was a close call that could have gone either way.  Duke got the benefit in that instance, but the game was not over because of that call.  Syracuse was down by 2 with 10 seconds left and Duke had been absolutely awful at the free throw line all night.  They could have easily missed a free throw or two and given up a last second buzzer beater.  Syracuse has done that before!  Sure, the call by the refs had a big impact on the ending - but Boeheim's antics didn't even give his players a chance to play for the win.  There are always close calls in games - but I personally think it's pathetic when coaches behave like children.  He might be passionate, but if he cared about winning - he'd act like an adult.    


@geggmeister  The difference with Coach K he is allowed to have a meltdown in every game when calls go the other way, cannot recall the last time he was T'd up. This was a horrible call, but there were several in the second half, all going Dukes way of coarse.


@geggmeister  Much  easier to say that siting on your couch.....


@jwats19731  Clearly Coach K is not perfect either, but I can't say I've ever seen him rush the court and throw a temper tantrum quite like that though.  So if you're saying somehow that Boeheim didn't deserve to be ejected, I don't know what would merit ejection.  I also haven't seen Coach K cost his team a chance to win with his antics.  Maybe Coach K has - but I haven't seen it.  There is no question that Syracuse could have still contended in that game if Boeheim hadn't overreacted.  That is the point I wast trying to make and that statement has nothing to do with Coach K and Duke.  


@JosephBagadoughnutz  Fair enough.  I just think it's strange to claim that this outburst is evidence that Boeheim 'cares'.  If an athlete did the same thing the conversation would be very different; it would be about how immature and selfish that player was and not that 'he cared'.  Coaches should be held to a higher standard than the players - not a lower one.  I just think Boeheim's reaction was weak - not something to be celebrated.  So, you can call me a joke and whatever other names you think are appropriate - I still think that's a reasonable thing to say.  Sorry if that offends you.