Posted February 22, 2014

Sochi Bear Mascot Taunts U.S. Hockey Team During Olympic Loss to Finland

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Credit: @cyclelikesedins

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Team USA, the damn bear had to chime in.

After a heartbreaking loss to Canada on Friday, the Americans were destroyed by Finland in the bronze medal game — but that might not have been the worst part.

As the Americans sat dejected on their bench, the nightmarish Sochi polar bear mascot decided he’d have a little fun at the expense of Team USA.

The mascot climbed a railing behind the U.S. bench and could be seen harassing the team as they waited for the final horn to sound. He then made his way across the rink to celebrate Finland’s victory.



Who can blame him if we were truly mad about Putin and his gay laws we could have stayed home instead in complete contravention of the Olympic spirit we injected politics into our Olympic delegation while our media openly cheered for a bad Olympics.


@JimKramer   So you're siding with the Richard Sherman of bears?  And against the US team at that?  What has happened to patriotism?


@bayareafan @JimKramer 

saying the truth even it's bitter is a real patriotism.  everything else is BS and stupidity. so, he is a patriot, not you.