Posted February 10, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Chartered a 200-Seat Plane to New York for Five People and His Dog

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Masahiro Tanaka of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Arrives at Miyazaki Airport

The Yankees paid $155 million to get Japanese ace Masahiro Tanaka to New York. And now Tanaka has paid .12% ($195k) of that fortune to bring his wife and poodle to New York with him:

Japan Airlines (JAL) confirmed he used one of its Boeing 787s but declined to disclose further details.

Jiji Press news agency said Tanaka booked out the whole plane – which usually has about 200 seats – for a group of five including his wife. His dog – a brown Toy Poodle – was also aboard, the Sports Nippon said.

Given the state of the Yanks’ infield post-A-Rod, it’s good for Tanaka to get used to seeing so many empty seats.

[SBS via Big League Stew]


He's a Yankee....did we expect anything less.  I hope this guy falls on his face this year.  GO REDSOX!!


@magic mushroom @carjax1202 he is not.  He's Tanaka.  Who hasn't done a damn thing in the pros and NY is acting like he's the next coming of Christ.