Posted January 31, 2014

George Zimmerman Agrees to Celebrity Boxing Match and No One is Surprised

Sign Of The Apocalypse
via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Good news, everyone: We’re going to have the opportunity to see George Zimmerman get punched in the face.

Zimmerman announced on his Twitter today that he will be in a celebrity boxing match on March 1:

Indeed, never before has the term celebrity been used so loosely.

According to TMZ, Zimmerman will be donating his money from the match to charity.

Zimmerman’s opponent hasn’t been selected yet, so if you’d like to submit yourself for consideration, just email

Yup, it’s a Hotmail address.

At least one celebrity appears to be open to fighting Zimmerman; Rapper The Game reportedly told TMZ, “I will beat the f**k out of him.”

What a country we live in.



That anyone would ever even consider George Zimmerman to be a celebrity shows just how stupid this planet has become. The man is nothing but a common thug. You should let Mike Tyson be his opponent. Tyson will get even for Treyvon. George... enjoy hell.