Posted January 23, 2014

Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Uniform for Sochi Has an ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ Vibe

Style Watch

Here’s a picture of American hockey superstar Zach Parise looking pretty uncomfortable in his clothes:

That’s the outfit the American delegation will be wearing at the opening ceremony in Sochi. I really like the pants/belt/socks/boot combo, but it’ll be hard for people to see them with their eyes drawn to that patriotic-vomit cardigan.

It’s a similar concept to the snowboarding team’s quilt-patched jackets, minus the essential subtlety.


that's just ugly...i mean NOT ugly ugly...but just bad.

should have gone with calvin klein...clean, sophisticated & always

can't wait to see the dutch & french...usually always the best dressed


@FM007 sorry you feel that way, but that is YOUR opinion! I love It!