Posted January 21, 2014

Watch the Auburn Marching Band’s Priceless Reaction to the Team’s Iron Bowl Victory


Any person who has attended a college with a big sports following can attest to the special relationship that the band has with the athletic program.

The video above shows this passion on display as the Auburn marching band stood at the ready at the conclusion of 2013 Iron Bowl, watching helplessly as Alabama was lining up to kick a potentially game-winning field goal. As soon as it was apparent that the kick was short, you can see a few flute players get prepared to start playing, assuming the game was about to go into overtime.

But then Chris Davis began running.

As the band catches on with what’s happening, they seemingly get lost in the moment, with most of them forgetting that they’re supposed to play the fight song after a touchdown. It’s definitely a unique glimpse at what was an unforgettable moment.



It was a great play, but Auburn was a team of luck, not destiny or skill..  I'm not an Alabama fan, but it's a damn shame they let this one slip through their fingers..