Posted January 17, 2014

Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan Disses the Patriots


Wu-Tang Clan Perform At The Enmore Theatre In Sydney

While New York had no good sports teams to speak of this year, they still had all the best rappers, ready to go to bat for their hometown teams.

Inspectah Deck should have a regular feature on some football show, commentating on press conferences. For as Methon Man said on 36 Chambers, “[He'll] see you sit there and know you lyin; and he’ll take you to court after that, cuz he the Inspectah.”



How is he dissing the Patriots? He said two obvious & funny comments about Belichick & Brady.......DF is that a dis?


Deck should go on a double Date with Winslow, do the jack off in the car in a parking lot.  Because you all can be sure he does not make enough money for a quality woman with brains and a career like Gisele.  What a moron.