Posted January 13, 2014

Skier Narrowly Avoids Collision with Clueless TV Guy during World Cup Run

Henrik Kristoffersen (right), with Austria's Marcel Hirscher (middle) and Sweden’s Andre Myhrer.

Henrik Kristoffersen (right), with Austria’s Marcel Hirscher (middle) and Sweden’s Andre Myhrer.

Remember when actor Christian Bale made headlines for screaming at a film crew member for twice accidentally walking onto the set, within Bale’s line of vision, during the shooting of an intense scene back in 2009? Most people agreed Bale probably overreacted. Norwegian alpine skier Henrik Kristoffersen probably isn’t one of them, though, as a similar – only far, far, far more dangerous – incident happened on Sunday.

The 19-year-old Kristoffersen was in the middle of his first run when a TV production crew member strayed onto the course on his own skis. Kristoffersen was in the midst of speeding downhill (while making a turn to boot) when he spotted the crew member, who was skiing cluelessly in his path. Luckily, Kristoffersen’s fast reflexes allowed him to narrowly avoid a collision.

Though he could have been seriously injured, Kristoffersen was all smiles after he was given a restart, where he finished third. He seemed to be in good mood afterwards on social media too.

(h/t Seth)