Posted January 07, 2014

MMA Fighter Fights Off Four Home Invaders, Killing One

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This is the second time in just under a month that we are hearing about folks who violated the “Don’t perpetrate a crime against a professional fighter” rule of common sense.

December’s story brought us a man who found himself on the receiving end of a chokehold when he picked the wrong indie record store to rob. Now comes news of a four-man New Year’s Day invasion of MMA fighter Joe Torrez’s New Mexico home, in which one of the attackers was stabbed to death.

Via NY Daily News:

Joseph Torrez, 27, repelled a home invasion, killing one man, injuring another so badly he left in an ambulance and persuading two others to run in fear, authorities said.

Torrez and the men clashed on New Year’s Day at his home outside of Las Cruces, reportedly part of an ongoing feud.

One of the attackers, 22-year-old Leonard Calvillo, called ahead to threaten Torrez, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported, citing court documents.

The one injured man has since been released from the hospital, and Torrez is preparing his legal defense.

[NY Daily News and Las Cruces Sun-News via Next Impulse Sports]


Wow, never heard of a 'home invasion' where the thugs called ahead to let you know they're stopping by, seems Torrez would've had time to call police if he thought there was any threat of trouble, this version of events just don't sound legit. More likely home-boys had a heated-discussion over product and killed one dude, then threw out some 'home invasion' story that the dead man can't contest. We shall see...


If he had a gun he could've killed them all. If they had guns he would be dead. Only one life. Gotta go armed. 

Joe R2
Joe R2


Spoken like a true American.  Git er done