Posted January 03, 2014

Anti-Counterfeiting Sting Ending at Winter Classic Seizes $700K in Fake Merch

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These are the real ones. (Getty Images)

These are the real ones. (Getty Images)

If you’re upset that the numbers are already peeling off the Pavel Datsyuk jersey you bought for $50 outside the Big House before the Winter Classic, take solace knowing the guy who sold it you might very well be in jail:

Federal agents seized 6,121 bogus National Hockey League and other sportswear items estimated to be worth $723,377 as part of a three-month national anti-counterfeiting investigation dubbed “Operation Team Player.”

In metro Detroit, agents seized unlicensed items worth $32,550, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit said in a statement this afternoon.

The operation, billed by the feds as a “crackdown on intellectual property rights,” ended with the NHL’s 2014 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium on Wednesday. The operation was targeted at unlicensed NHL merchandise.

I shudder to think that this beautiful shirt is no longer available to the public.

[Crain's Detroit Business via Reddit]


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