Posted January 02, 2014

Watch Two Professional Japanese Soccer Players Dominate a Team of 55 Kids


The clip above shows Manchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa and FC Nürnberg attacker Hiroshi Kiyotake taking on, and handily defeating, a crew of 55 children. After some easy warm-ups against “just” 33 kids, the action heats up around the six-minute-mark.

Unsurprisingly, the youths displayed some pretty poor strategy. About 25 of them should’ve gotten together and stormed the ball-handler, leaving more than half the team to try the same thing again if the first attempt resulted in a narrow escape.

Anyone who speaks Japanese and wants to translate the announcers for us will receive some very valuable internet cred.

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In the first part of the program Kagawa can't get by 33 kids, so they bring I'm Kiyotake.

For what it is worth, the kids are limited to areas of the field based upon their positions (the yellow poles in the touchline denotes where they can roam.

I can't find the clip, but Kagawa did a similar stunt when he was with Osaka. I want to say there were up to 100 kids at one point. 


You don't see the any of the kids actually attempt to make a tackle, despite constantly surrounding Kagawa/Kiyotake on the dribble.  

This is cute and everything, but I guarantee the children were firmly instructed to avoid doing anything that might even carry the remote possibility of injuring Kagawa or Kiyotake.  Thus, no tackling.  They were only permitted to try and bodily stay in the way.