Posted February 04, 2014

The Rock Gave LeBron the WWE Championship Belt for His Birthday


Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.38.50 PM

Yesterday was LeBron James’ 29th birthday. The current best basketball player in the world, of course, got a bunch of birthday greetings over social media, including messages from his teammate Dwyane Wade, Magic Johnson, a pair of headphones, and even our own Andy Gray.

But sorry, Dwyane, Magic, Andy, and Dr Dre’s headphones, the Rock topped all of you with this.

Now, it’s worth noting that The Rock isn’t the current WWE Champion — he lost the title to John Cena last April at Wrestlemania 29. Randy Orton — known as The Legend Killer — is the current WWE Champion. Perhaps we should have a LeBron James vs Randy Orton match to decide who is the undisputed WWE Champion once and for all.


Will PC Games be free totally? 

Last week, Valve announced a new policy which would allow developers to configure their own discounts for custom sale periods on Steam. According to analyst, the decision is part of the new moves of the company to reduce the price of PC games.

As the biggest PC game platform in the world, Steam got 65 million registers by the end of last year and its peak concurrent users also reached 7.6 million. The good performance made Steam the platform equal to traditional consoles. To reduce the price of PC games and allow developers to configure their own discounts will grant Steam more price superiority.