Posted December 31, 2013

2013: The Year in Fan Behavior

The Best in Streakers, Celebrations, Signs, and Everything Else


Art by Chelsey Boehnke ||

Before turning the page to 2014, let’s take a look back at the people who make the world of sports go ’round this year: the fans. But these devotees are not just your average fans who shuffle in an out. Below are the diehards, the drunks, the eccentrics, the folks who made signs, the streakers, the freaks, the souvenir collectors, and everyone in between. Basically: Here are the fans that got their money’s worth this year.



1. With her team getting pummeled by Syracuse, one Indiana fan decided to strip down to her underwear in the arena. Sure the Hoosiers still lost, but this is the only thing that most people remember about the game.

2. A Browns fans perfectly sums up the team’s ongoing ineptitude at the quarterback position in one picture. We really thought Charlie Frye was the one.

3. Sad Irish fan will be remembered for being so… sad.


Streakers, runners, and others on the field of play

1. The United States won the Presidents Cup this year much to the delight of a particularly patriotic female streaker.

2. An Oklahoma state trooper delivered one of the best hits of the year on a streaker who decided to interrupt an OU football game.

3. This Cavs fan (understandably) has some abandonment issues and sought to make his appeal to Kyrie Irving directly.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo has nothing but love for his fans, even the unhinged ones.

5. Victor Martinez needed a hand to help tie up the Tigers ALDS series against the A’s, and a Detroit fan was happy to oblige.

6. Setting a new standard for fan streaking, the Hill Sisters executed an on-field video selfie at the College World Series.

7. Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell proved he has the chops to play defense, too, with this hit on a fan who went streaking at a Browns-Lions preseason game. The same fan got drilled by a security guard.

8. Fans at Candlestick Park pulled the same stunt in the preseason. NBC cut away from the runners getting whacked but they did capture the equally entertaining John Harbaugh Disappointed Grimace.

9. A Raptors fan who lives by the motto “Live Fast, Die A Legend,” announced on Twitter that he would run onto the court, did it, but unfortunately did not become a legend.

10. Here’s your on-ice streaker, because that’s a thing, too.