Posted December 27, 2013

Seahawks Fans Want Richard Sherman’s Mom to Be the Next Campbell’s Pitchwoman

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Devout Seahawks fan Cedric Morris has had a few interactions with Richard Sherman’s mother, Beverly, at games and bar viewing parties over the last couple years. It’s reached the point where her steadfast commitment to the team has led Morris to believe that she has what it takes to follow in the illustrious footsteps of the mothers of Donovan McNabb, Victor Cruz, and Clay Matthews to take on the role of spokeswoman for Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

As noted by MyNorthwest, though, choosing who gets to be the next ‘Mom Cave’ presider is not necessarily a democratic process. Nevertheless, Morris figures that he might be able to bypass the traditional layers of corporate bureaucracy if he garners enough popular support:

“I’m in their ear and they’re listening. The more “likes” we get, the better the chance,” he says. “She is just the sweetest lady ever, she interacts with all the fans. She invited me to Richard’s birthday party along with seven other fans.”

He’s launched a Facebook page, which currently has over 4,000 likes, but will likely need to rise exponentially higher for the campaign to work.



Would love to see Richard Sherman on Dancing with the Stars, he'd be a perfect contestant!


@djs425 It's way too early in his career for that.   Besides, he could get injured and that could affect his play on the Seahawks, which is far more important.  It would be best for him to wait until he's closer to retirement.