Posted December 17, 2013

Gregg Popovich Steals Stephen Jackson’s Headband Because He Can


Although not generally described as a jokester, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had a little fun on Monday night with one of his former players.

Following the Spurs 115-92 loss at the Clippers, Coach Pop could be seen sneaking up behind former Spur Stephen Jackson and swiping his headband. There’s no apparent reason why he did this, I guess it just seemed like a thing to do. Gregg Popovich plays by his own rules.

It was somewhat surprising that Popovich was in high spirits following a loss, but it’s nice to see a different side of the notoriously serious coach. It’s almost as if contending NBA teams don’t take regular season games in December all that seriously.

[via Dime]


Pop drives me crazy. He should have coached jack his whole career.  Spurs would've had even more rings. At least two more.