Posted December 13, 2013

Kentucky Basketball Fan Calls for Less Academics at University

News, Sign Of The Apocalypse

Kentucky’s basketball season has gotten off to a slow start, which is fantastic news for anyone that’s a fan of insane sports radio callers.

In this instance we have Chester, a Kentucky sports radio regular, who recently became the first person in the history of modern civilization to argue that the UK athletic program is being hindered by its focus on academics.

There’s been too much of an emphasis over at that school … about UK being a research place. A place where we come over there and do all this research. And I think that has gotten into that student body over there and they’ve got a bunch of people over there that don’t appreciate sports.

And from there Chester’s rant ranged from fairly incoherent to oddly xenophobic.

I think they’re bringing all those people in over there to focus on researching things and I think what they need to be researching is the history of the UK basketball program … there’s a whole lot of kids in that population over there, they don’t even understand the game of basketball. They’re from some other country and things.

Ah, the old “there’s too much learnin’ going on in that school because of those kids from some other country and things” argument.



Awesome!  It reminds me of the line from Friday Night Lights :  "I think there's too much schoolin' goin' on over at that school!"