Posted December 11, 2013

High School Basketball Player Makes Behind-the-Back Shot from the Baseline


Actually, the title kind of undersells it. Marvey’o Otey of William Byrd High School made a behind-the-back, no-look shot from the baseline, while falling out of bounds. As Buzzfeed notes, by the time the shot goes in, he’s already run out of the gymnasium Forrest Gump-style. The only thing missing from this video is Otey walking back inside with a Coke in his hand.

[via Buzzfeed]


I saw a similar shot just like it Monday night but it was an 8th grader from Good Hope Middle school in Alabama.  His shot was better because it was at the buzzer at the end of the half to go up by three.  He was in the corner facing the sideline going out of bounds on the baseline.  His went in for a three.  His was also underhanded and behind the back.  Amazing.  The sad thing was no one got it on film.