Posted December 11, 2013

Angry Birds Releases Free Mario Kart-Like Racing Game for iOS

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Because there are never enough electronic diversions to stifle our productivity, Rovio Entertainment has released an Angry Birds racing game for iOS. Called Angry Birds Go!, the free game is the first 3D offering from the franchise and will allow gamers to race as either birds or pigs in their soapboxes on various courses.

Total abstinence is presumably the only way to avoid getting hooked.



Xbox One Can Be Controlled Using DualShock 4, Mouse and Keyboard, Wii Controller

Team Xecuter is a modding group. It has succeeded in modifying Microsoft’s Xbox One console, allowing it to be controlled using a DualShock 4, which is produced by rival Sony, a mouse and keyboard as on the PC and even a Wii Pro device.

The feat is achieved by using the CronusMAX mod, according to Eurogamer, and it’s unclear whether Microsoft considers this to be a fair use case for the device.