Posted December 09, 2013

The Yankees Will Honor Nelson Mandela with a Plaque in Monument Park


nelson mandela

According to the New York Times, the New York Yankees will pay tribute to Nelson Mandela in Monument Park. The organization plans to unveil a plaque on Jackie Robinson Day this upcoming April before a game against the Chicago Cubs.

Mandela’s connection with the team is portrayed in the photo above, taken during a 1990 appearance at Yankee Stadium in which the late South African leader said, “You know who I am. I am a Yankee.”

[New York Times]


My my how people love to forget all the atrocious things this man did. It's one thing to fight for freedom; Mandela was a cold blooded murderer. Ordered dozens of bombings killing innocent men, women and children (both black and white), his ex-wife was a big time proponent of Necklacing (look it up it's disgusting) and his political party was a terrorist organization until Obummer became president. Honor him? I hope he burns in commie hell.


No just trying to educate people because the media has made out Mandela to be some kind of saint when he never was. I guess if you like to be ignorant like yourself, then go on ahead and believing whatever the media tells you then.