Posted December 03, 2013

Brett Favre Recommended Custom Ear Plugs to Sean Payton for Seattle Games

Brett Favre

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

As we’re often told, it gets quite loud at CenturyLink Field. Seahawks fans set a world noise record and caused a mini-earthquake last night, but Sean Payton had tried to take preemptive measures against inevitable disruptions. After texting his team’s former bounty target Brett Favre, the Saints coach learned about custom ear plugs that were apparently helpful when Favre’s Vikings played in the also-raucous Superdome a few years back:

“Favre shared with Payton that the Vikings had designer noise reduction ear plugs custom made for that game and Favre said it really helped,” [ESPN's Lisa] Salters reported. “So, Payton ordered up 20 of those ear plugs.”

Unfortunately for the Saints, there would be no quick fix for the disruptions caused by Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Marshawn Lynch, and Russell Wilson last night.

[Shutdown Corner via Business Insider]


Any mention of Favre, no matter how remote, is justification for a new story, eh SI?


Well, at least they didn't have to *listen* to themselves get blown out!

Note to NFL - technical advice from someone like lil' Abner Favre should be taken with a grain of salt.