Posted December 02, 2013

Create a Custom NHL 94 Player with This Cool Web App

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Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.38.40 AM

Want 1994 Winnipeg Jets graphics applied to a 2013 Winnipeg Jets players? You’re in luck! Hockey fan Tony Bebber has created a custom NHL 94 player app, in which you can design any player in the style of the classic video game.

Hey — this guy looks familiar




Crusader's first ten levels in Diablo 3

I felt puzzled while seeing the introduction of the new class in Diablo 3 - crusader because his role was similar to the barbarian.

I should've known, though. Five minutes playing with the closed beta leaves blood red oceans lying between each character. There's a tangible, almost textural, difference in approach here, exchanging the barbarian's seismic rock for the crusader's cold, cruel metal.

Five minutes of playing is probably long enough to hit your first level, too, which in Diablo 3 signals your first trip to the Skills sweet shop. Crusaders are born with Punish as their primary skill - a slightly underwhelming opener, although not without its charms.