Posted November 27, 2013

David Beckham Narrows Search for Miami MLS Stadium Site

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If David Beckham follows through and lands his Miami-based MLS team, he’ll need a home for it. Preferably a cozy one.

You can pretty much disregard weekend rumors of his plans to build a 75,000-seat stadium surrounded by a hotel and other development. But the Tuesday reports of Beckham and his investor group looking at landing on Dodge Island’s PortMiami, just east of downtown, seems plausible. In fact, it actually makes sense, unlike a 75,000-seat monstrosity. Plus, the Miami mayor’s office confirmed they’ve been asked to look at this site as a likely spot.

With PortMiami already planning to develop the roughly 25 acres—but without any money to actually do it—there’s plenty of room for a 25,000-seat stadium and supplemental development, including a new marina facing Miami’s downtown harbor.

Sure, Beckham doesn’t even officially have a Miami franchise—Orlando was recently announced as the next MLS franchise, starting play in 2015—and there are others hoping to launch their own Miami team. But Beckham has the inside track. He just needs a place to play, since the Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium and the Marlins’ Marlins Park aren’t long-term solutions. And PortMiami needs cash.

Tim Newcomb covers stadiums, design and technology for Sports Illustrated. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.


portmiami would be a good spot if they were to develop it the right way.. you would have to go miami light on this.. there will be enough star sightings with beckham being a huge draw.. add lebron even more.. but to make it work it has to be a place families would want to have dinner, shop go to a game and live...( cant be another miami ;i have to be seen there spot.. )   build a real fan base start a youth academy ( HINT TO BECKS ) and the possibilities for the team are there. keep it a low key hotspot and you have a uge upside