Posted November 26, 2013

A-Rod Adds Photo of Bud Selig Posing with Kid in “A-Roid” Shirt as Lawsuit Evidence

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via @ESPNNYYankees

The above photo, tweeted by ESPN New York columnist Wallace Matthews, has apparently been added by Alex Rodriguez to his lawsuit against MLB as evidence of Selig’s dislike of him. In case you’re missing the obvious, the picture shows a young boy in an “A*ROID” T-shirt, posing with an apparently happy Selig.

While this photo seems pretty ridiculous as far as legal evidence goes, I genuinely hope it makes the case around for Rodriguez. What could be funnier than some kid who hates A-Rod enough to buy that t-shirt being inadvertently responsible for keeping him in baseball?


Really A -Roid....How many times does someone take a quick picture with you, with a lot going on around you that it doesn't even occur what a persons clothing has on it......Sad very sad A-Roid


I'd like to see A-Rod tajke a lie detector test for one question. "How many games have you played in your entire career NOT on the juice?"  Get lost A-rod. How does it feel to be even more hated than Bud Selig?