Posted November 15, 2013

Infographic Shows That the Braves’ Move to Cobb County Is Only a Moderately Bad Idea


braves infographic

Ok, so according to this Atlanta Business Chronicle infographic, funding for the new Braves stadium is less burdensome on taxpayers than initially reported. Even so, there remain compelling concerns that its construction is not the most prudent course of action, especially given the lack of adequate public transportation, the fact that Cobb County had to cut teaching jobs earlier this year, and some guy named Cole Hennings’ strong feelings about the region.

[Atlanta Business Chronicle via The Business of Sports]


That junction is one of the two worst traffic congestion areas in the entire state of Georgia. With zero mass transit, that means anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 extra cars in the region on game nights - right at the tail end of rush hour.