Posted November 14, 2013

Derek Jeter To Start Publishing Books

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Derek Jeter at the Ronald McDonald House to Benefit Children with Cancer - December 21, 2004

Looks like baseball’s most mythologized player is about to start benefiting from fictitious narratives in a more tangible way:

On Thursday, he is expected to announce that he will start his own publishing division, Jeter Publishing, a partnership with Simon & Schuster. Saying he had thought a lot about his future while recovering from injuries last season, he portrayed the move as a way to explore a project that combines his interests in business and content.

“I think this sort of sets the blueprint for postcareer,” said Jeter, fresh off a plane from Tampa, Fla., and wearing a loose black blazer and jeans during an interview at his agent’s Midtown office on Wednesday afternoon. “This is a great way to start.”

Expect a big foray from Jeter Publishing into the self-help genre, what with its bogus cliches and undeserved awards.

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I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, but Derek Jeter is an athlete I have respect for.  He is to the Yankees of the past 20 years what Cal Ripken was to us.  


Dude gets 5 rings during a Hall Of Fame career,  and some shmuck gets all bent out of shape about it.

This is a prelude to Jeter's retirement, in that his biography is going to be put out through his publishing company, so he gets the lion's share of the profits.  Certainly he will attempt to corner the market on ghost written athlete bios.