Posted November 12, 2013

Atlanta Braves to Move to County Named After an Advocate of Ethnic Cleansing

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AUG 31 1983; This 1983 file photo of Chief Noc-a-Homa, the Atlanta Braves Mascot, is transmitted for

Former Braves mascot Chief Noc-A-Homa // Getty Images

Yesterday, the Braves announced their move from downtown Atlanta to Cobb County, named for former U.S. Senator Thomas W. Cobb. And presumably the Braves didn’t look up the history of the area — or really care — because a Native American-themed team moving to a county named for Cobb is really ironic. From the book The Removal of the Choctaw Indians by Arthur H. Derosier Jr. we get this note about Cobb’s legislative record:


Sure, it’s not unusual for a Southern Senator of the day to advocate something as horrific as “total Indian removal.” But the Braves, a team which shamelessly uses American Indian culture as a marketing tool, moving to a county constituted from stolen Native land and named for a man who advocated stealing it, would probably be rejected as too on-the-nose for most movie scripts.

At least now, when Atlantans gather for their daily crude imitation of Native culture, it’ll have that nice colonialist flare of a conquerer dancing gleefully on taken lands.


Sorry Sam, but you're really reaching man. There is absolutely nothing offensive about the Baves' team name or their decision to move to Cobb County. A brave is a proud native American warrior. It's no more derogatory than Warrior, Pirate, Spartan, Buccaneer, Ranger, Raider, Steele, etc...


Presumably Mr. Page never uses cash, since the bills and coins feature men who owned slaves (Washington, Jefferson and Franklin), didn't believe in racial equality (Lincoln--although he freed black Americans, he didn't personally view them in high regard), committed adultery (Hamilton and Kennedy), ordered the relocation of hundreds of thousands of ethnic minorities (Jackson with the Native Americans, FDR with the Japanese) and were involved in presidential scandals (Grant). In other words, Mr. Page is completely broke.

As you can see, this is arguably the most thoughtless article ever posted on But I suppose that shouldn't be surprising--"a penny for your thoughts," they say, and Mr. Page has none--especially since a penny features anti-equality believer Abraham Lincoln.


And our nation's capital is in a place named after a man who committed mass genocide. The guy who came up with the name Atlanta owned slaves. Try some actual reporting rather than pedantic click baiting.