Posted November 11, 2013

A Minute of Your Time: The Best Vines and Instagram Videos of the Weekend, 11/11

Russell Westbrook fails to displace Nene; Chris Paul gets kicked in the back of the head; Terio

A Minute of Your Time, Video

Every Monday, EM posts the 10 best mostly-sports Vines and Instagram videos of the weekend. At ~six seconds apiece, it will take you about one minute to watch them. It will be a good minute.

Russell Westbrook meets an immovable object

Chris Paul gets a kick out of this

Kevin Seraphin’s relationship preferences

Terio does Terio …

… and Justin Tucker does Terio

Joe Staley makes insane block upfield

Broken ankles

Contemporary version of “You’re risking a patient’s life“?


Fake Rob Ryan is superb

If you follow hundreds of people on Twitter, Ryan Glasspiegel should be one of them.