Posted November 11, 2013

Map Shows Why the Braves Plan to Move to Cobb County

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As the Marietta Daily Journal first reported this morning, the Atlanta Braves intend to move from Turner Field (which they’ve played in since 1997) to Cobb County when the team’s lease expires after the 2016 season.

And as shown by the diagram above, the relocation will make the Braves more accessible to a greater proportion of their ticket buyers. Hopefully the $450 million the taxpayers are footing will make it worth the shorter drive.

[Marietta Daily Journal via Deadspin]


Of the $450 million paid through tax revenue, how much of that will be raised via some type of "visitors tax", such as fee levied on hotel rooms, and how much from the general fund? 


While there is a significant concentration of Braves fans in the North suburbs, I think that we can all agree that Turner Field is not inconvenient for them. I also think most of them would prefer not to have to foot the bill for an unnecessary park when Turner Field is in incredible shape.

Join me in telling Braves ownership that they cannot simply abandon the Ted. Help reverse a dangerous trend in professional sports ownership. Stadiums are not disposable.