Posted November 07, 2013

David Ortiz Received the Most Write-In Votes for Boston Mayor

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Red Sox victory parade

In case there was any doubt about the effect of a good October Surprise on a candidate’s chances, here comes news that David Ortiz received the most write-in votes in Boston’s mayoral election Tuesday (how many of the 560 write-ins were him, exactly, is unknown).

Unfortunately, he fell a few thousand short of actually winning, so we’ll be denied an undoubtedly amazing acceptance speech.

[WGBH via SB Nation]


Didn't the Boston voters realize that if he had won he wouldn't be able to play for the Sox? Where would you rather have him? City Hall where NOTHING gets done (I'm not picking on Boston here, I'm talking about everywhere) or the ballpark?   The answer is simple.


@Rickapolis Stop being a Serious Sam. Obviously he wouldnt quit the Sox to become the Mayor