Posted October 25, 2013

A Minute of Your Time: The Best Vines and Instagram Videos of the Week 10/25

Javale McGee's jack-o-lantern destroyed, Tyler Hansbrough checks himself, what the Cookie Monster says

A Minute of Your Time, Video

Every Friday, EM posts the 10 best mostly-sports Vines and Instagram videos of the week. At ~six seconds apiece, it will take you about one minute to watch them. It will be a good minute.

A squirrel destroys Javale McGee’s jack-o-lantern

Tyler Hansbrough gets feisty, then conciliatory

Usain Bolt might be last person in world I’d expect to eat late-night BK

Chris Paul’s son throws down

Something isn’t right here


Flying fish

Andre Drummond dislikes fruit snacks. More for me, I suppose.

What does the cookie monster say?

An oldie that somehow slipped through the cracks

If you follow hundreds of people on Twitter, Ryan Glasspiegel should be one of them.