Posted October 11, 2013

A Minute of Your Time: The Best Vines and Instagram Videos of the Week

Papi's cup check, flipping the rare double bird, BatDad's return

A Minute of Your Time, Video

Every Friday, EM posts the 10 best mostly-sports Vines and Instagram videos of the week. At ~six seconds apiece, it will take you about one minute to watch them. It will be a good minute.

LeBron’s fiery workout

It’s sorta jarring to watch Mutombo play such lackluster D

Big Papi gets drilled in the balls

Video game innovation

Kyrie Irving’s awkward question

Someone’s not psyched about the Coyotes’ goal

Third coming?

Trevor Rosenthal gets loose

Superhero’s gear is a casualty of saving the world

He fell into a burning ring of fire