Posted October 10, 2013

Watch a Golden Retriever Go Bananas When He Learns the Football Game Is On

Entertainment, Video

Meet George the dog, an avid sports fan. When his owner relayed the news that football’s on TV, the pup reacted like he had won a lifetime supply of tennis balls and belly rubs. He was so stoked that it didn’t even really bother him that the contest was between two teams (the Jets and Falcons) who entered the night at a combined record of 3-5.

“George absolutely loves to watch football. It’s one of his favorite things,” the clip’s description reads. “He doesn’t care who wins, as long as they snap the ball.”

Sounds about right. In fact, George isn’t particularly discerning about which sport he’s watching, either — he also moonlights as a tennis aficionado. I’m thinking he and Dave the cat could combine for a killer drive-time sports talk show.

[H/T Huffington Post]