Posted October 10, 2013

Breaking Bad Behind-the-Scenes Shot Reveals Walter White as Phillies Fan

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The above photo, tweeted out by Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz, shows Walter White wearing a Philadelphia Phillies jersey while visiting the hospital holding partner Jesse Pinkman in episode “One Minute.” Schnauz joked that the Phillies jersey was scrapped in the final cut because it made the murderous drug kingpin seem too unlikable.

Honestly, I think the Phillies jersey would have made a better signature clothing item to denote the shift from Walter White to Heisenberg than the pork-pie hat. But, alas, had White been wearing a Phillies jersey, it would have made the ending in which he (spoiler alert) pulls off a big win pretty inexplicable.



This seems... random. Why would he be wearing a Phillies jersey, or any sports jersey?

Steve Moore
Steve Moore

He was clearly a 'Bad Boys' fan, Laimbeer his favorite player, and with a full head of hair looks eerily similar to Chuck Daly.