Posted September 20, 2013

Sleepless About Seattle: The 12 Worst Survivor Pool Upsets of the Past Seven Seasons

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This Sunday at 4:25 p.m., more than 50% of the millions of remaining suicide pool participants will recline comfortably on their couches to watch the 19.5-point favorite Seahawks decimate the lowly, overmatched Jaguars. They will do so confident in this presumed outcome—in Yahoo! Survivor pools, 57.2% of entries are currently locked on the Seahawks; on ESPN, 50.5% have them. As our own Michael Beller wrote, “No game carries a 100% guarantee, but this is as close as it gets.”

That said, this is still the NFL, the league of close contests. Often heavy favorites don’t cover the spread; sometimes, they even lose—and when they do, they bring large portions of survivor pools down with them. I took a look back at the game with the biggest spread* for each week dating back to the 2006-2007 season and found 20 cases where the stronger team crashed and burned. Using a 13-point spread as our cutoff**, there are 12 instances where teams favored by at least a touchdown-and-two-field-goals were felled. There’s a good chance you were eliminated from a pool by at least one of them. I know I was. Let’s relive those moments together.

*There’s a bit of variance on lines, depending where you look. Ironically, I culled historical spread data from the website

**What better dividing line for a story about misfortune?



Bears -13.5 vs. Dolphins (Week 9): The Rexplosion


Result: The Dolphins (1-6 entering) blindsided the then-undefeated Bears (7-0) at Solider Field by a 31-13 margin.

What happened: Turnovers. A lot of them. Bears QB Rex Grossman faced as much , as were the Dolphins in the week leading up to the game owing to their dreadful performance thus far that season. The Fins surged to a 14-3 lead on a Jason Taylor pick-6. Later Taylor would strip-sack Grossman (see the GIF above); in all the Bears QB was responsible for four turnovers.  Wideout Justin Gage and punt returner Devin Hester each butterfingered a ball, as well, for a total of six giveaways by the Bears.

Notable stats: Dolphins didn’t need (or get) much from QB Joey Harrington thanks to Ronnie Brown’s 157 yard rushing performance. Not only did the Bears fail to outscore the Dolphins, but they didn’t even outscore the spread—an indignity suffered by four other teams below.

Eagles -13 vs. Titans (Week 11): Down Goes McNabb

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Result: The 2-7 Titans thumped the 5-4 Eagles 5-4, 31-13.

What happened: Donovan McNabb went down with a season-ending ACL tear on the second play of the second quarter on a freak play when he ran out of bounds. The Eagles trailed 7-3 when backup Jeff Garcia took over. He ended up completing 26/48 passes, but for only 189 yards. Tennessee’s Adam Jones (still Pacman at the time) added a 90-yard punt return for a touchdown in the third to stretch the lead to 24-6.

Notable stats: Titans QB Vince Young completed only 8 of 22 passes for 101 yards, though he added 49 yards rushing. Like 15 of the other biggest-spread upsets, this one occurred on the favorite’s home field.

Cowboys -13.5 vs. Lions (Week 17): Cowboys Limp Into Playoffs

Result: The lowly Lions (2-13) decided to show up and beat the playoff-bound Cowboys (9-6) in a 39-31 shootout.

What happened: The Bill Parcells-led Cowboys were coming off a 23-7 home loss to the NFC East Champion Eagles, but had already clinched a Wild Card berth. Lack of focus, motivation? Dallas lost three fumbles (Tony Romo two, Terence Newman one) and the Lions took advantage behind Jon Kitna, who completed 28 of 42 for 306 yards and four scores. The Cowboys’ swoon reinvigorated the “is it smart to rest our guys in week 17?” debate, particularly after the ‘Boys fell to the Seahawks 20-19 in the following week’s NFL Wild Card round, in a game that ended on the infamous Romo botched hold.

Notable note: It’s not uncommon for large survivor pools to extend to the end of the regular season, which is by nature dangerous territory. For anyone who had “saved” the mediocre Cowboys to this point, I hope you hedged on the Lions money line.



Eagles -14.5 at Raiders (Week 6): Sure, You Guys Can Win

Result: The 3-1 Eagles were favored by 14.5. They lost to 1-4 Oakland 13-9.

What happened: “I’m embarrassed by the way we came out here and played,” McNabb said after the game. “We’re a much better football team.” The Raiders brought plenty of pressure on zone blitzes, racking up six sacks. The Eagles ran only four running plays in the second half, and the Raiders did just enough to hold on ’til the end.

Notable stats: Oakland TE Zach Miller took a JaMarcus Russell(!) pass 86 yards to the house for the only touchdown of the afternoon. The Raiders had lost each of their previous three games by 20 points or more, most recently a 44-7 whooping by the Giants, after which New York linebacker Antonio Pierce said it felt like they were playing a scrimmage.

Steelers -15 vs. Raiders (Week 13): Bruce Gradkowski Blows Up In 4th Quarter

Result: The Raiders (3-8) stunned the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers (6-5) 27-24 on an 11-yard touchdown pass from Gradkowski to Louis Murphy with nine seconds remaining.

What happened: The stars aligned. Troy Polamalu was sidelined with a knee injury and Roethlisberger had sat out the previous game with concussion. The Steelers nevertheless took a 10-6 lead into the fourth quarter when the Brucenado struck Heinz Field: The lead changed five times in the last frame as Gradsowski tossed three touchdowns in nine minutes, culminating with the Murphy score (video above).

Notable stats: Raiders QBs (including JaMarcus Russell and Charlie Frye) had thrown five total touchdowns through their previous 11 games that season. At the same time, the Steelers were waving red flags along with Terrible Towels—Pittsburgh had lost its three preceding games.

Broncos -14 vs. Raiders (Week 15): Michael Bush and McFadden Tear Up Mile High

Result: Two weeks prior, Oakland had upset the Steelers (above). The Raiders followed that up by getting smoked at home by the Redskins, 34-13. Then they came to Denver and shocked the 8-5 Broncos 20-19 thanks to a JaMarcus Russell(!) 10-yard touchdown pass to Chaz Schiliens with 35 seconds left in the game.

What happened: Russell came through late, but the story of the game was Oakland’s dominant ground attack. Michael Bush ran for 133 yards and McFadden added another 74. Starting Raiders QB Charlie Frye started the game and scrambled once for 27 yards of his own, but he was forced out of the game after getting drilled by Broncos linebacker Andra Davis.

Notable stats: All three Raiders QBs suited up and played: When Russell got knocked out for a play during the game-winning drive, J.P. Losman took one snap—an incomplete pass to Louis Murphy.



Im in a pick a loser survivor pool.  First time in 3 years I made it to week 4.  Curse you NFL.


Looks like the Raiders are not the team to pick on