Posted September 19, 2013

Ex-NFL Player Is Shaming the Teens who Trashed His House


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Former Patriots and Raiders offensive tackle Brian Holloway was in Florida when his son found out that local high school kids had broken into their empty family home in Stephentown, NY and were throwing a party of epic proportions. Now Holloway is taking to the internet to out the culprits and to ask the community to help him rebuild his home.

Tracking down the three hundred uninvited guests would be a difficult task, were it not for teenagers undying love of social media, which left a trail of pictures and tweets, detailing the $20,000+ of destruction at the home.  Now, the former first round pick is using those same photos and tweets on a website titled Help Me Save 300, in an attempt to hold the students accountable for their actions.

Holloway has said he would rather allow the perpetrators parents to deal out the punishment than press charges, and that he is worried for the future of the 300 partiers.


I just saw this on CNN Anderson Cooper and couldn't believe it when they reported that they said one of the mothers were upset that he posted the picture of her child (after the child had put it out on twitter) and he is expecting these parents to hold their children responsible, I wish him luck and for the sheriff's office "investigating" and not making any arrests yet...their kids were probably at that trashing party.  This is just such a stupid report, these kids just posted their own "evidence report" on sheriffs/police go do your job, what is so hard about it? And if I was the parent of one of these irresponsible kids, he/she would have been at his house making repairs and that video would have been tweeted too.