Posted September 17, 2013 10:37 AM
Updated September 17, 2013 4:00 PM

Yes, This Man Is 64 Years Old

Mike Carey :: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Mike Carey :: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

During last night’s Steelers-Bengals game, I tweeted that game referee Mike Carey is 64 years old. This stunned many of my followers, as you will see below. Several people were even skeptical, as if they were questioning my journalistic integrity.

This amusing video (sent by @PeterSowards) of a conversation between Carey and Brett Favre from three years ago is undisputed proof of Carey’s age.

He Just Wanted Second Base

We first found out there was a streaker at last night’s Rangers-Rays game from Hot Clicks favorite Jaime Edmondson.

As always, the networks airing the game saved the world from seeing such shenanigans, but in the age of social media, we know the guy wore tighty whities, tried to steal second base and amused Texas manager Ron Washington.

Tebowmania No Longer Runs Wild

Jaguars fans held a rally at the team’s stadium yesterday in hopes of convincing the front office to sign Tim Tebow. The turnout was quite sad.

Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti :: Venturelli/Getty Images

Say ciao to Italian model Bianca Balti. … SI Swimsuit model Irina Shayk recently showed off some new Beach Bunny swimwear. … Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders threw out used a pitching wedge for her ceremonial first pitch at last night’s Rays game.

Angry Cheeseheads

In Monday’s P.M. Hot Clicks, I linked to Richard Deitsch’s roundtable discussion about NFL announcers. I contributed to the piece and defended Joe Buck. Clearly, Packers fans have a different opinion. They’ve started a petition to get Buck and Troy Aikman banned from calling Green Bay games. (Thanks to Jim, of Minneapolis, for the link.)

No Shame In His Game

Twitter follower @jimfallon sent along this Instagram video of a Royals fan at last night’s game.

Sports Video Of The Day

I will never get tired of these Jim Ross dubs. Here he is calling a tackle from Sunday’s Rams-Falcons game. (Thanks to @BigSqueezeO for the video.)

Sportscast Video Of The Day

First it was wrestling. Then it was Seinfeld. Now, Louisville sports anchor Adam Lefkoe is back with classic rap lyrics.

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Actually the Tebow rally was just a ploy to get the owner not to sign Tebow. They wanted the owner to see that fans really dont care and no more tickets would be sold.

Oh those geniuses down in Jax.......................


Only Green Bay games?  Couldn't we just have Joe Buck sidelined from calling any games?


That crowd for the Tebow rally doesn't look much different than the stands at their home games. 


It's funny.  Yesterday when driving home, I heard on the radio about this Tebow rally like it was some big news-worthy event.   Seeing the pictures today is hilarious.   I hope that the media gets the message that no one cares about Tebow.   We all know he can't throw a football at an NFL QB caliber level, I don't know why there is a need of the national media to keep beating this dead horse with stories of him trying to be a QB in the NFL.


Hey, the Jags crowd for the Tebow rally was several times larger than the crowd flocking to buy Marlins season tickets for the new ballpark was :-).


I saw the words "streaker" and "Jamie Edmondson" in the same story...was very disappointed with the pic.