Posted August 29, 2013 10:27 AM
Updated August 29, 2013 1:28 PM

“I Found Out Your Twitter Name Now, Mother- – - – er. It’s A Wrap.”

Brandon Phillips :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Brandon Phillips :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

And with those fighting words, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips went off on Cincinnati beat reporter C. Trent Rosecrans yesterday. Apparently, Phillips was unhappy because Rosecrans critiqued his on-base percentage. So Phillips crashed manager Dusty Baker‘s press conference and called Rosecrans a bunch of names. Personally, I love that in 2013 when you get in a fight with someone, you also have to make the standard Twitter threat, too.

It’s Here

The 2013 college football season kicks off this evening with a slate of ho-hum games. However, lines for the biggest games of the season are already out, courtesy of

Michigan -3 vs. Notre Dame
Alabama -7 at Texas A&M (only game Alabama is favored by less than double digits all season)
Notre Dame -1 vs Oklahoma
Texas -1 vs. Oklahoma
Notre Dame -3.5 vs USC
Georgia -4.5 vs South Carolina (only time South Carolina are underdogs all season)
Georgia -2.5 vs. Florida
Oregon -4 at Stanford
Ohio State -3.5 at Michigan
Louisville -2.5 at Cincinnati

Also, there are five teams that are favored in every game this season:

Alabama (has been favored in 41 straight games entering the 2013 season!)
Ohio State

Speaking Of College Football…

Rays pitcher and Vanderbilt alum, David Price, is ready for the season.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Michelle McLaughlin

Michelle McLaughlin :: Chris Fortuna for Playboy

Model Michelle McLauglin has done this very sport and SFW photoshoot and video for Playboy‘s Facebook page. … I’ll pass on a cheesy joke about Autumn being a great season and just let you know that you should click on this gallery of American model Autumn Holley. … 

College Kids Should Ace This

The Beavers would like their fans to crank it like a chainsaw this season. (Thanks to Kevin, of Philadelphia, for the link.)

Sign Up

If you missed it in Wednesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks, we announced the return of the Hot Clicks NFL Pick ‘Em Pool.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here is golfer Rickie Fowler as Dick Fowler, P.I.

Mashup Video Of The Day

This video combines the Internets two favorite shows: Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. (Warning: Video has NSFW language.)

Music Video Of The Day

Saw this on Reddit and figured everybody could use a little Highway to Hell in their life.

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