Posted August 01, 2013

The New York Times Charted the Values of NFL, MLB, and NBA Naming Rights Deals

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The Cowboys recently inked a deal to re-name Jerryworld as AT&T Stadium, bringing the number of NFL, MLB, and NBA venues with corporate naming-rights contracts up to 76. To mark the occasion, the New York Times assembled a pair of interactive infographics that break down the terms of the various deals (click here for all the gory details):


Noticeably absent from the graphics are a handful of large-market teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Bears and Knicks, which are leaving gobs of money on the table by sticking with traditional stadium names. Of course, the Times does note that companies are beginning to back away from these sorts of deals due to the increased scrutiny that accompanies them. That’s going to make 2014 an interesting year for two of the oldest naming-rights owners, Target and United, which will have to decide if they want to pony up current market rates to renew their deals in Minneapolis and Chicago.


The Toronto Blue Jays are owned by Rogers (media conglomerate) which also owns the building (Skydome/Rogers Centre).

I wonder if they're the only team in any of those 3 leagues where the company owns the team, the building and has their name on the building.