Posted July 23, 2013

Arkansas Fans are Sending New Football Coach Bret Bielema Scads of Personal Photos

And He's Retweeting Them.


University of Arkansas Introduces Bret Bielema

As a Wisconsin alumnus who was not particularly disappointed when football coach Bret Bielema bolted for Arkansas this past Fall — a notion seconded by Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez – it’s been fascinating to watch the dynamic between the Razorback fanbase and their new phenomenal-recruiter-but-horrific-clock-manager. Which is to say, unlike his haters, they’ve embraced him wholeheartedly.

In fact, Hogs fans are so enthusiastic about Bielema that they’ve begun sharing an array of personal photos to illustrate their fanhood, including those of their vacations, babies, wedding cakes, and landscaping.

It began in May with a couple baby pictures:

Then came a “relaxing” vacation photo in June:

Then a crazy office photo:

Later, the floodgates would open up – this is a small sample of what has now been SO MANY vacation photos.

They sent t-shirts:

And beach art:

And cute Vines:

And deck furniture:

And fortune cookies:

And yardwork:

And desserts:

While it’s understandable that Razorback fans would cling onto their new coach after the dumpster fire that Bobby Petrino left in his wake, it will be interesting to see if the enthusiasm endures after Arkansas faces the gauntlet of Texas A&M, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and LSU this season.


going out on a limb , razorbacks go 3-10 ....maybe, just maybe 4-9


You can tell its summer when posts like this one are published. It just looks like a coach who supports his enthusiastic fan base.  Keep working for that paycheck Ryan, you deserved it.


@ClarkJ You say that as though Ryan criticized Bielema in some way. Which he didn't. Just an amusing showcase of interactions between coach and fans.