Posted July 15, 2013

A Minute of Your Time: The Best Vines and Instagram Videos of the Weekend

Barney Gets Silly, Javale McGee Explains the Thirst

A Minute of Your Time, Video

Every Monday, Extra Mustard posts the 10 best mostly-sports Vines and Instagram videos of the weekend. At six seconds apiece, it will take you one minute to watch them. It will be a good minute.

:00-:06 Like Mike …

:07-:12 … Unlike Mike.

 :13-:18 Dexterous.

:19-:24 And it goes on and on my friend.

:25-:30 Headshot.

:31-:36 Awkward without context.

:37-:42 G.O.A.T.

:43-:48 Got silly …

:49-:54 … Got sillier.

:55-1:00 Javale McGee explains the thirst.