Posted June 21, 2013

A Minute of Your Time: The 10 Best Vines of the Week

Brazil's World Cup Protests are Unfathomably Large, Nate Robinson and Bill Simmons Have Superpowers


Every Friday, Extra Mustard will post the 10 best mostly-sports Vines of the week. At six seconds apiece, it will take you one minute to watch them all. It will be a good minute.

:00-:06 This is a celebration, Bosh(es).


:07-:12 Nate Robinson uses his superpowers frivolously.

 :13-:18 Aaron Hernandez’s neighbor contributes thoughtful perspective.

:19-:24 On the subway, the mighty subway…

:25-:30 Protestors in Rio are not psyched about government corruption amidst World Cup planning.

:31-:36 Everybody was kung fu fighting.

:37-:42 Oh.

:43-:48 Lance Stephenson’s “lil bra” will not have much difficulty getting dates when he’s older.

:49-:54 Boom Shakalaka.

:55-1:00 Bill Simmons is phenomenally focused and/or deaf.