Posted May 20, 2013 5:03 PM
Updated May 20, 2013 6:20 PM

It Had To Weigh Him Down

Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman :: AP

Reds closer Aroldis Chapman may have blown a save Sunday because he ate 18 pastries before the game against Philadelphia.

A Bargain

If you’re a hockey fan who has $17 to spare, you may want to invest in this toilet seat.

Social Media Strikes Again

Chargers third-round draft pick Keenan Allen put a video of himself on Vine over the weekend in which he was sporting a Raiders hat. Now, San Diego fans are mad at him.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jenny Poussin

Jenny Poussin :: Photographer: Sergio Rico

Fitness and glamour model Jenny Poussin gets today’s LLOD honors.

I Have No Idea What It Is…

But Mavericks forward Shawn Marion has one of the coolest/oddest cars you’ll ever see.

Ridiculous Story Of The Day

A South Carolina track and field coach is accused of threatening a local reporter via a YouTube video in which the coach sings Michael Jackson‘s Smooth Criminial. (Thanks to Josh Brickey, of Columbia, S.C., for the link.)

Scooter Riding Video Of The Day

Keep your eye on the guy in the white shirt at the top middle/right. He’s a mess — a complete and utter mess.

YouTube Classic Video Of The Day

YouTube turns 8-year-old today. The site says this is their most-watched comedy video of all time.

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Smokin body on Jenny Poussin, too bad she has a fake rack !!!!


@Jim22 Fake is one thing, but those are ridiculous.