Posted May 09, 2013

Miami Heat Middle Finger Lady Identified as Widow/Shady Character Filomena Tobias

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Ihosvani Rodriguez at the Sun-Sentinel has the scoop:

The woman whose one-finger salute has become an Internet sensation overnight is Filomena Tobias, the widow of former CNBC commentator and financial wizard Seth Tobias, said Filomena Tobias’ daughter, Victoria Racanati, when reached by phone by the Sun Sentinel.

“She’s embarrassed, but she is being a good sport,” said the daughter told the Sun Sentinel on Thursday. “She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life.”

In 2008, Stephen Rodrick of New York magazine wrote extensively about Seth and Phyllis Tobias and the story behind the former CNBC commentator’s death:

Before Seth Tobias wound up dead in his pool; before the accusations surfaced that his wife was a thrice-divorced pill-popper and cocaine user who drugged Seth and killed him for his money; before the claims that Seth had led a secret life in which he drank too much, snorted a boatload of coke, and liked to pick up male hustlers and strippers, including one named Tiger; before Seth’s brothers filed suit in Palm Beach to block Phyllis from getting her hands on Seth’s estimated $25 million estate; and certainly before I found myself face-to-face with the main source of all the dirt—a 300-pound gay con man and Internet psychic with a long criminal history named Billy Ash who claims to have been the couple’s personal assistant and may well have fabricated all or part of his claims regarding Seth and Phyllis because he’s a proven liar and self-serving attention seeker … Before all of that, Seth Tobias was known to the world, to the extent he was known at all, as an upright cable-TV talking head and multimillionaire hedge-fund manager. But that’s getting ahead of the story. Let’s just start at the beginning.

The whole story is long and fascinating and all of a sudden the picture from last night makes so much more sense.


The New York Times reported details on Seth Tobias’ family’s civil law suit in 2007:

According to the brothers’ lawsuit, Filomena Tobias caused her husband “to ingest one or more controlled substances that induced loss of consciousness and capacity to breathe.”

They further claimed that she had caused him “to enter the swimming pool at their residence after his ingestion of controlled substances and in his stuporous and helpless condition he was asphyxiated and died.”

Tobias’s best friend, Patrick Bransome, said in a statement to the police that he had not seen Tobias go in a pool or swim in years.

In early 2008, ABC News reported that Filomena had been cleared of any suspicion by police. They also had more details on the family’s civil suit:

Much of the brothers’ case relies on the word of William Ash, a convicted felon and former assistant to Tobias, who police said has worked as a gay prostitute. Ash told authorities he had a recording of Filomena confessing to murdering her husband.

Ash has been arrested 11 times and is a known associate of Heidi Fleiss, the so-called “Hollywood Madam,” according to police records.

In December, police said they had reviewed the alleged recording and did not find it substantial, but were waiting on the medical examiner’s report before classifying the death a homicide.

And who was the toned, yelling man sitting next to Ms. Tobias in the infamous picture? A graduate of the Lindsey Vonn School of Questionable Romantic Judgment:

(h/t @BobbyBigWheel, SB Nation/Spencer Hall)


A proud moment for her. Make sure you save this for the grandkids!


She is "being a good sport"....just like every other hctib in this world...and "having fun like every other fan"....I cannot see that well....but I didn't see 18k other "#1" finger signs from all the other fans...fake! fake!

purnell 2 Like

looks like a nasty piece of work to me.

Jjesse285 1 Like

You know when you look back at the game you know for some reason that there are some crazy people out there,I thought I saw that but the game was going so fast.

amolad 3 Like

The man next to the woman who flipped the bird at Joakim Noah is a VP of a Wealth Management firm in Atlanta. She’s his fiancé."

This guy better rethink his choices, make her sign a very specific prenup, and hire a food taster.

TomSavastano 1 Like

I thought it was Suzanne Summers..

mattytwoshoes 2 Like

"C'mere, smell my finger you big lug. C'mon' I dare yuh. Guess where it's been the last quarter. C'mon ya big baby".

seant 1 Like

gold diggering murderer.

stay classy miami fans.

d18 2 Like

Lower than low.  Evolve, lady.  Step up to Cro-magnon.


when will they come clean about what really happened to this chick's husband?


I think players should be able to respond to idiots.

RobertJacke 1 Like

She is also a 5 time loser.....after this picture.....

RobertJacke 1 Like

Spoiled rich person, who has secrets in her closet.....


A couple the signifies concisely what is wrong with folks these days.


You mean that animal is allegedly a female?!  I thought the dude behind (IT) was pulling a reach around.  They both also seem to be afflicted with tourette's syndrome.


What a weirdo, Why can't I/we get a ticket?

QuackerBacker 1 Like

This "skeezer" exemplifies everything wrong with this nation. Yikes...what a tramp and how embarrassing. I would be shamed if I were her daughter.

Dessau11 2 Like

Does anyone else wish that Noah had grabbed her finger and snapped it out of place? Aside from the obvious consequences, I would have loved that. Clearly, her bank account cannot buy class. Back to the familiar streets I guess.


Now we all know the cops are going to take another look into this! And they better. You would think that people with money would keep a low profile, not to draw attention to themselves. But broke people with money are always the loudest! Please police, take another look at this because something aint' right!


This all may be true, but she does have good seats for the game.

M20 3 Like

I live in Miami, and this is actually pretty representative of Heat fans. Undesirable people who are more interested in making a show of themselves than in the game. Half the stadium is full of these white button down posers who don't show up til midway through the second quarter.

Knicks 1 Like

Who cares, it comes with the territory. the players get paid millions of dollars by spectator and TV revenue and the fans will sometimes go overboard. As long as they don't lay their hands on the player then Deal with it cry babies.

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@Knicks Nobody should have to put up with that, but Noah proved he was a bigger man by ignoring her.

Action 5 Like

She has a big round mouth.  I'm sure she puts it to good use.

Mark4 2 Like

He better hope his wife doesn't find out he took a hooker to the game.

StevenKeys 1 Like

@Mark4 You're assuming the VP has a wife and then that she cares.  Maybe she's grateful for the free time, and given what we've seen here, who could blame her (if she exists)?

I'm wondering why security is M.I.A. 

Mark4 1 Like

@StevenKeys Rich lizard people are never ejected from games.  

This wealth management VP needs to hit it as many times as he can without going to the altar, then quit it.  He should really read the linked article.  He'd run away far and fast.

sheeeeboo 1 Like

She is a pig. Plain and simple. a PIG!! #phyllistobias. A pig who has no respect for what these players do. I am sorry she is so angry and thinks that using that finger is an insult. I would love to see her without that security guard standing there. I would have spit in her face.


Big whoop. It was a hand gesture. But let's all ostracize any thing Miami and their fans do. Meanwhile, LeBron kept walking with his head held high when a very classy fan in Boston dumped an entire drink on the King.

Get a life is right - starting with all these poor journalists. 


@coinart_y2k "(H)and gesture?"  That's cute, and totally consistent with your persona, I'm sure.  In another setting it might be argued as a tort, especially if it triggered a physical response, as throwing a nailed finger one-inch from a person's eye in hostiltiy is certain to do.   


Everyone is so enthralled with the Heat Lady!  She is NOT the face for Miami Heat fans! Miami is a beautiful city with beautiful people! Misdirecting the poor actions of professional paid athletes, to the poor actions of one fan is wrong, but a typical media stunt and to be expected! The media needs to make ratings, but as is our power, we can fight this with the switch of a channel. Switch the channel Heat Fans!

Jake11 1 Like

You just proved the point by trying to disprove it. Only person that could be a potentially better depiction of Miami would be a drug kingpin or an Eastern European money-laundering nightclub owner. Oh-and of course a murderer would be a good representation too.

Whatever 6 Like

So when does she start on "Real Housewives of Miami"?

dw0128 1 Like

@Whatever She was probably a reject from the Real Housewives... Which is probably worse than being one.

flatiron 2 Like

" All she has to say is that people need to get a life.”    Now THAT is priceless.  A new posterchild ( this changes daily) for the term 'out of control FANatic', but according to her everyone else needs to get a life. It amazes me that for some/many people rooting or cheering for your team somehow necessitates hating/screaming/ attacking the opposing team! Really??

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@flatiron What's even more amazing is that players like Noah just have to take it, because if they respond, even verbally, they will get fined by the NBA, but this "lady" can shove her finger in his face and not even get removed from the stadium.