Posted May 06, 2013 10:09 AM
Updated May 06, 2013 10:23 AM

Brady Goes Bonkers

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has a five-year, $57 million contract, but the beauty of betting is that winning any amount of money (in this case $25,000, reportedly) gets you all fired up. Brady had a classic over-the-top reaction to Orb winning the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

The Unfollow Is So Unforgivable

At this year’s Australian Open,  Sloane Stephens defeated Serena Williams in the quarterfinals. Ever since then, according to Stephens, Williams has frozen out the rising star. Stephens claims Williams even went cutthroat by unfollowing her on Twitter and deleting her off Blackberry Messenger.

More Proof That Umpires Are The Worst

I probably shouldn’t say that all umpires are the worst, but, clearly, John Hirschbeck is a horror show who should be fired or suspended after his actions yesterday. Hirschbeck basically went out of his way to eject Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper in the first inning of the team’s game against the Pirates. The incompetent ump claims he ran Harper because he slammed his bat in the dugout. Oh, the horror!

Gabriela Cevallos

Gabriela Cevallos :: DSS Magazine

Fuel TV host Gabriela Cevallos is in the new issue of DSS Magazine. As you can see above, the gallery is worth your time. … We always like it when Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro has a new set of photos on the web. … Pain & Gain actress Bar Paly appears in the new issue of Italian fashion magazine, Max.

Can We Stop The His & Her Jersey

This has to stop. Really, this has to stop. (Thanks to Jon, of St. Louis, for the pic.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Angels catcher Hank Conger had an eventful bunt base hit on Saturday.

Water Skiing Video Of The Day

Just a 7-month-old doing his thing.

Touching Video Of The Day

Last month, Hot Clicks featured a video of a homeless guy who had a gnarly mustache. The makers of the video recently surprised the gentleman with $3,000 in cash.

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