Posted March 28, 2013

Brave Fan Tries To Steal LeBron James’ Headband, Gets LBJ Death Stare

Headband placement timeline after fan's attempted theft

LeBron James :: Getty Images

LeBron James :: Getty Images

The Miami Heat’s winning streak came to a halt last night at the hands of a banged-up but defensively efficient Chicago Bulls squad. LeBron James put up 32 points, but overall he had a rough night. James did lead all scorers, so you can’t say the King’s night was that bad (you know, like King Joffrey at Blackwater Bay bad), but given the high El Heat were riding, it certainly wasn’t great.

After the game, James complained about the level of physicality Bulls’ defenders greeted him with during the 101-97 loss. And on his walk to the locker room, a fan tried to snatch the headband right off his head. Now, James has tossed his headband into the stands before. One lucky lady couldn’t wait to wear his sweaty headband after Game 3 of the NBA Finals last year.

But seriously, the cojones on this fan in Chicago to reach over the railing and try to steal from the King? LeBron responds with one of the best death stares of recent memory, and it looks like the suit (security guard?) started to get involved. And rightfully so, this should never happen:

James’ receding hairline has been documented to the point of photo-meme status. We won’t speculate here on whether the headband is merely a tool to cover up his growing baldness, we’ll leave that to balding experts like George Costanza.

But, we figured this serves as a perfect opportunity to track James’ headband placement year-by-year since he became a national figure in 2002.


Really? This guy who put this marvelous work of art together should be awarded a raise. Maybe them he could afford to move out of his mothers basement and probably find a girlfriend. He can now afford the real deal & get himself some lubriderm for all those restless nights he spends fantasizing about combing The KINGS pubes. I guess this is the only way to insult the Best player in the world. Some people would do anything for 2 minutes of fame....this guy just proved it.