Posted March 19, 2013

Miami Marlins Continue Mission To Alienate Every Last Fan Of Team

Owners threaten to sue season ticket holders over seat spat


The flea-market ownership of the Miami Marlins have let down their fans too many times to count through the years, whether it’s running one of their traditional fire sales — see: November’s $160 million salary dump — or pocketing revenue-sharing money intended for players. Or, lest we forget, getting South Florida taxpayers to plunk down 80 percent of the cost for a new $634 million baseball park.

But this might take the cake even for them.

The team has threatened to sue Bill and Jan Leon, season ticket holders since 1998, for having the gall to ask for a different seat location — as they say the ticket agreement permits — and refusing to pay when the team failed to comply. The New Miami Times reports the Leons signed a two-year agreement for their tickets (at $25,000 per year) with the option of changing their seats if they were unhappy with their location after the first season. Which they were, thanks to a sign that obstructed their view.

The team responded with the following letter threatening litagation.

The Marlins better dig in. Bill Leon’s response?

“I have no intention of renewing,” he told the New Times. “They’re a Double A team now. It went down the toilet when they sold off all the players.”


MattMarino 2 Like

If i was a ticket holder and paid when this team had talent and was competing i would be upset too.

This franchise scammed alot of people to get a stadium and then dumped their payroll in a matter of months.

They should be forced to sell the franchise if they don't wanr to put a competitive team on the field.

lil_bit_special 1 Like

The ticket owner should shut his mouth before his comments get him in trouble.  If what he claims is true, that he could switch seats after the 1st season, then he has a case.  But to not pay because the team sucks? Sorry.  Nowhere in the contract does it allow someone to back out cause the team doesnt live up to their standard.  Hopefully people learn a lesson from this and stop shelling out $$$ to teams and organizations that dont deserve it.

Papi Del Negro..... Dont ask
Papi Del Negro..... Dont ask 2 Like

Kudos to them for standing up to this sorry excuse of a sports franchise. If the commissioner and other owners had any self respect and desire to better appeal themselves to mainstream America, you strip this sorry sack of s&t excuse for an owner of this team and put it in the hands of someone who would better care for the product they present.

jmset3 1 Like

Who signs letters in the middle column of a page?  That's just annoying and pretentious.