Posted March 19, 2013 11:07 AM
Updated March 19, 2013 4:00 PM

Close Call

LeBron James

LeBron James :: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

It wasn’t easy, but the Heat won their 23rd straight game last night with a 105-103 victory against the Celtics. Miami trailed by as many as 17, its largest deficit during this streak, but LeBron James bailed out the team with a 37-point effort, including the game-winner with 10.5 seconds left. I know I shouldn’t confess this publicly, and I’m not sure how it’s happened, but now I find myself rooting for the Heat and LeBron. Please don’t hate me, I’m not proud. But I give LeBron enormous credit for how he’s turned things around since The Decision. Obviously, winning the title last year has made him more comfortable and relaxed, which, in my opinion, has made him more likable. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I had to get this dirty secret off my chest.

Well Played

During last night’s win, LeBron threw down a dunk on Jason Terry that caused the blogosphere to go nuts. The most notable thing about the dunk, however, was DeAndre Jordan‘s classic reaction.

The New Rabbit’s Foot

Fernando Rodney, who has taken his sideways cap to an extreme level at the World Baseball Classic, kept a lucky plantain in his pants during the Dominican Republic’s game against the Netherlands last night. He even whipped it out during pregame introductions.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Vaugn

Jessica Vaugn :: Courtesy Danny Griffin

Model and writer Jessica Vaugn gets today’s LLOD honors.

Good Read

If you need a time killer, check out this amusing story about two guys who not only got into the SEC tournament for free but also ended up getting paid to watch the games from a suite.

No Frills

Here’s what NHL logos would look like if the league decided to go minimalist.

Sports Video Of The Day

One of the things I wish I did more in Hot Clicks is feature lunatic callers on sports-talk radio. For instance, just yesterday, some guy told New York host Mike Francesa that he should say a novena for the Yankees’ season. However, that is child’s play compared to this Kentucky basketball fan who has a theory on why the Wildcats were left out of the NCAA tournament.

Internet Video Of The Day

What would a party be like if the people in attendance were websites? This video shows you.

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I wonder how Cletus, uh I mean Chester, is doing today.

Hey Cletus, uh I mean Chester, your team couldn't even win their NIT game! Is that liberal socialism to blame for that too?

Couldn't even beat Robert Morris in the NIT and you're whining about being left out of the NCAA? According to your logic ol' Bob Morris would tear up the SEC.

Eat yer grits and drink some moonshine and then shut the **** up!


Uh, Chester, just for the record, its the GOP's "no new taxes" policy that is bankrupting this Nation, coupled with two useless Arab occupations that the GOP foisted on the People based on lies and greed. Mere greed. 
So don't come here with your tone of authority, because your party's policies of "deregulation" (I take it you've never even heard of a 'credit-default swap') caused the Wall St. meltdown that, lo and behold, required Federal intervention and the Nanny State y'all purport to hate, just like GOP "outsourcing" created greater welfare dependency. That's the problem. You are too shortsighted and hot tempered to even take ownership of cause and effect. Oh, and given that the last election's popular vote was decided by a mere 1,000,000 votes...let me thank your party and Rand "terrorists have due process rights too" Paul for proposing we dilute our voting rights by another 11,000,000-20,000,000+ votes via "amnesty" because, let's face it, if it helps Big is the GOP way.


Well, as a proud liberal I am happy to take partial credit for Kentucky's failure to make the field, no matter how misdirected that sentiment is. Thank you, Chester.


Apparently Cletus Billy Joe Bob, uh I mean Chester, and his shoe-size IQ doesn't understand that some of those other teams, including the play-in games he mentions, are automatic berths dedicated to conference champions.

Yeee Hawww!

Cletus, uh I mean Chester, maybe your team just wasn't that good this year and, for once, didn't get in on their reputation.


@drudown How original.  Laying all the blame at someone else's feet.  No one group is solely responsible for the mess we are in, and no one seems geniuinely interested in solutions, just partisan reindeer games.



Oh, and for the record, there is "one party" that insists on "no new taxes", ever. It's the GOP.

There is "one party" advocating we follow Europe's "austere" measures (gee, that's worked out well) in cutting spending to (ahem) balance the budget. It's the GOP. 

There's "one party" contending that we replace Science ("global warming is the biggest hoax in the history of mankind" - Sen. Inhofe) and (what else) "embrace" the Bible to deal with tomorrow's challenges. I mean Final Judgment. You know what I mean. 

It's the GOP...



I see. 

A refusal to take ownership of some basic "cause and effect" is playing partisan games?

Look. If you refuse to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and Corporations (I am in the highest 2013 bracket), you are going to have a fiscal shortfall. Yes or No?

If you "deregulate" major industries (see, e.g., Wall St and 'credit default swaps' or CA Energy market), the People ALWAYS pay more and get ripped off. Can you cite to a SINGLE instance where "deregulation" led to a net benefit for the People? Yes or No?

If you occupy and rebuild Arab countries for a decade, you don't enough money leftover to rebuild the US. True or False?

You can cry foul all you like, but humor me with specifics. I don't mean Rubio GOP-speak ("less government equals more freedom" gibberish).

Put your cards on the table.