Posted March 06, 2013

Blake Griffin’s Response To Low Blow A Sleeper For Tweet Of Year

Forget Ibaka, here's wise advice from future Blake to kid Blake

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 (Josh Thompson/Cal Sport Media CSM /Landov)

Blake Griffin took a shot to the junk on Sunday in a low blow from Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka. The NBA announced that Ibaka would be fined $25,000 but that no suspension would be handed down, despite what many see as obvious intent. Griffin had been relatively quiet about the incident, but last night he sent out this gem of a tweet:

This of course references one of Griffin’s Kia commercials where he travels back in time to give his younger self some key advice. But yes, wearing a cup is more important than not wearing jean shorts.

Well played, Blake. Well played.

(H/T Washington Post)