Posted March 01, 2013

The Best 1988 Calgary Olympics Souvenirs You Can Find On eBay

They just don't make souvenirs like they used to

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics – the event remembered for the ineptitude of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and the brilliance of the Jamaican bobsled team – we thought we’d share some of the coolest – and weirdest — souvenirs from the Calgary Games currently available on eBay. Because it’s never too late to buy a souvenir to an event you never attended.

Two Anheuser-Busch beer steins, $49.95

A biathlon pin (a.k.a. a bear loading a rifle while skiing), $8.00

A “Hidy and Howdy” mascot poster, $79.99

A snapback cap, $39.99

An ABC media pin, $49.99

A USA hockey poster, $18.50

A luge pin, $3.99

And, of course, a Canadian curling poster (although this one isn’t technically from the Calgary Games), $39

Sadly there do not seem to be any Jamaican bobsled souvenirs available at the moment, although you can get a pair of 2011 Jamaican-bobsled-inspired Star Wars adidas shoes (if that makes any sense) for $62.