Posted February 04, 2013

The Jump Start: Monday, February 4

Free furniture for Ravens fans; another sports power outage; Shaq's duet with Beyonce

Ravens Fans Gather To Watch Super Bowl Against San Francisco

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Some links to start your Monday off right …

• Jacoby Jones’ record-breaking kickoff return will mean free furniture for many in Baltimore.

• The Super Bowl wasn’t the only sporting event to go dark over the weekend: the lights also went out at Craven Cottage during Saturday’s Fulham-Man United game.

• Shaq sang along to “Halo” during Beyoncé’s halftime show and it … was … marvelous.

• The Dodge “Farmer” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl was essentially stolen from an ad made by

• Biznasty got schooled on hockey.

• Killer touchdown celebration by Jacoby Jones.

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